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Zasavska Sveta gora (Holy Mountain of Zasavje)
Zasavska Sveta gora (852 m) is a hill offering gorgeous views. It is located on the left bank of the Sava river, between Zagorje ob Savi and Litija. On Sveta gora, there is also a mountain hut Planinski dom na Zasavski gori as well as a Church of Mary’s Birth which is located at the hill’s rocky summit. Even before the church was built, there was supposedly a pagan temple at the location. At the end of the 15th century, the church was surrounded by a wall with a camp and protected by a defensive tower that today serves as an independent bell tower. The current church was built in 1753.
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Fountain with a bronze fibula
By the crossroads with a traffic light, in front of the town marketplace “Under the Clock”, there is a square with a fountain that includes a larger replica of a fibula that has become a symbol of our town. The decoration represents a larger version of a belt buckle from the Hallstatt period that was found in Zagorje at the end of the 19th century.
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Photographic gallery f 2.8
The first photographic gallery in this part of Slovenia and one of very few dedicated exclusively to photography was established in August 2020 in Zagorje, next to the old miner’s bathroom “Vašhava”. The municipality Zagorje ob Savi recognized the potential of developing photographic art and enabled the use of the Research unit OLEA in symbiosis with the photographic gallery. A particularly special characteristic of the Photographic gallery f 2,8 is also its energy sustainability. While Photographic gallery f 2,8 is not large in size, it does have a strong intimate feeling that authors offer in exhibition cycles Photographic exhibitions are themed and their genres vary, but it is still always possible to recognize an author’s distinguishable creative concept, which is seen at other artistic project of that artist. The visitors also have the option to see previous exhibitions on the screen in digital form, which gives an additional value to the experi
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Cultural centre Delavski dom (Worker’s Hall) Zagorje
Cultural centre Delavski dom Zagorje has been the cultural centre of the Zagorje ob Savi municipality since 1960. It is a very important culture-related factor inside and outside of Zasavje, and the program offered by this “temple of culture” often goes beyond the municipality limits.
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